Building Automation System Integrations

As one of the only CMMS companies that integrates with virtually all Building Automation Systems (BAS), Eagle Technology, Inc. makes getting real-time alerts a whole lot easier with work order automation. Never miss a work order, keep your assets in great shape so you can avoid failures and breakdowns.

Our BAS Integration Partners

Make your SMART building even “smarter” by integrating your existing Building Automation Software (BAS) software with our Proteus CMMS solution.

In a recent study by CABA, one of the largest impediments to utilizing software tools to provide building owners with a true “Intelligent Building” is the ability to integrate technologies. Proteus CMMS is the answer to that major software communication block. It is a unique maintenance management product because it easily communicates with your BAS and then acts upon the information that the BAS system provides.

Through integration, you will easily be able to control how your building operates, utilize energy more efficiently and reduce utility costs, comply with regulations, meet the needs of your tenants, and increase response time in emergency situations. Cost savings are easily received through this streamlined approach to building and facility management.

Eagle Technology has partnered with SkySpark and DGLux to provide facility owners with even more tools that improve the efficiency of their facilities. See our Partner page for further information on Intelligent Building options!

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