As one of the only CMMS companies that integrates with virtually all Building Automation Systems (BAS), Eagle Technology, Inc. makes getting real-time alerts a whole lot easier with work order automation. Never miss a work order, keep your assets in great shape so you can avoid failures and breakdowns.

PAI provides one-of-a-kind integration with BAS environments to help facilities around the world achieve cost-effective maintenance management.

With the ever-increasing complexity associated with today’s automated buildings, the breakdown of critical systems is an increased risk to building and facility managers. Eagle Technology’s Proteus Alarm Interface (PAI) can help. Providing continuous alarm vigilance via a direct interface to most Building Automation Systems (BAS) (supporting such popular standards as BACnet®), PAI automatically issues work orders based on alarms, events or equipment runtimes. The work order defines specific tasks and parts required to complete the job quickly and efficiently. Work orders may be sent via email, printer or sent directly to a technicians’ mobile device or pager, informing them of alarm status and actions.

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COBie is an open standard for the exchange of facility information using data which already exists in Building Information Modeling (BIM) Systems. COBie allows us to take BIM (Building Information Modeling) data right into Proteus MMX using the COBie standard.


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